Just a Little Bump in the Road........

Just a Little Bump in the Road........
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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Cherished Sampler

My favorite sister made this for me many years ago and I have always loved it.  She did a fantastic job on it. Thanks Sissy!

Christmas Cheer

Well it's been a while since I added anything here....sorry.  Thought I'd share some of my Christmas decorations.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New artwork up on Coo coo beanies

Hi everyone....you can see some of my art work on my blog at http://www.coocoobeanies.blogspot.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm BACK!!!!

WOW....it's been a hectic month, but here I am. I wanted to show you all this gorgeous Hydrangea I got a year ago Easter. It has three colors on it. Pink, Purple, and Blue! It was the prettiest flower I have ever seen. Well, I planted it outside last Spring. It actually bloomed! Ok.....it wasnt as pretty...but maybe next year!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Grandaughter will be going home.

My beloved granddaughter will be going home this month then I will be posting to my blog regularly. Posting pics of the things I love and hope you do too! See you soon!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love Summer

I remember as a child always saying to my mom, I wish you and dad would have settled someplace where the weather was warm all the time! California, Florida? Now, I am so happy that it didn't happen!! I cherish the memories of my summers growing up in the mid west. I couldn't wait for summer, still can't! Living at the swimming pool. I would lay in bed at night hoping a breath of fresh air would come through my window. I could hear the crickets and cicadas chirping out side. Oh the sounds of summer. We went out in the morning and stayed out all day. We made forts and go carts. We scavenged for wood and old wheels and pounded to our hearts content. When they were finished we would race the go carts down the hill by our house to see who made the fastest one. What fun we had.
Soon Summer will be over, even though it seems it just begun. The only sounds I will hear is the chirping in my head from Tinnitus! Then I will wait till the next summer...God willing I'll still be around to enjoy another one. LOL

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Beloved Dishes....

Did I tell you all I love dishes? I do....old dishes, especially with Roses on them. I have a few others but like my Roses the best. I love the hand painted kind, but have a few transfers too. When I go to the antique store or resale, I am always pulled to the dishes. My husband keeps asking me....if I'm done looking for plates yet. LOLOL NO!! This is a picture of the shelf I have in my kitchen.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Parties....Arent They Grand!!

Today we went to our 4th of July party. Our in-laws have it down at their cottage on the river every year. What fun!! OMG we ate so much ....we rode on the pontoon and spent such a great day with family and friends. The guy on the left is my grandson Korey.....the one in the middle is Frankie, my son, and my son Jimmy in the americana swim trunks. The little blonde you see in my pics is my granddaughter who belongs to him.
Here Also is Paris my granddaughter having a ball in the water.
My daughter in law is driving the pontoon boat with Gianna my other granddaughter next to her. It was so much fun!
Here also is my dh and myself. We also have another son, Kris, who was playing bags when the pic was taken, and a daughter, Rosie who lives in Arizona. She is Korey and Paris's mom.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer fun With My Granddaughters

Isn't that what Summer is about? FUN!! My beautiful granddaughters and I went swimming today at our local pool. It brought back such memories. I closed my eyes and listened to the people just like I did when I was young. The smell of sun tan lotion the sound of people, really took me back. I lived most of my childhood at the local pool. My best friend Lee Ann and I. Swim team,(breast stroke and butterfly)buying large Slowpoke suckers at the concession for 5cents! What wonderful memories. Well, some not so good too. Getting up at 6:00am for practice. Cold Cold Cold!!! We about froze our cookies off. My friend was so skinny the poor thing would turn purple. Could you imagine kids of today freezing like that? LOL The pools weren't heated in those days that's for sure! We were at our pool so much they let us in free. We would WALK home to eat dinner only to WALK a few miles to get back and swim till close. Those were the good old days. I was in such great shape too.

Here I Am

Hi...My name is Veronica but you can call me Ronnie. I have been telling Lola and my other friends from "Cottage Group" that I was going to make a blog, soon. Well that was three years ago. I just didn't have the guts. I kept telling myself..."you are not a good writer" "no one is going to read it" "who do you think you are??" Sound familiar? About a month and a half ago I bought this book called Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. It is about "Inspiration and Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings." When I picked up the book it just spoke to me. Ever have that happen? I am an artist, but haven't painted in yrs. I got so caught up in life, family, and everyone else, I for got what I love to do. I looked up Kelly Rae Roberts on the internet when I got home, cause I hate to admit it, I had never heard of her before. Lo and behold she was offering anE course. Four weeks ago I started taking this class by her called Creative Flight, and here I am!! Thanks Kelly you gave me the courage I needed. I actually painted a couple of pictures too!!

Things I love

Of course I love my family and friends.

I also love Cottage, Antiques, Shabby Chic, Victorian, anything Romantic. I love any color blue, greens, aquas, pinks and creams. I love flowers, especially Hydrangeas and Roses. I just went from all stained trim, doors, etc. to painted white. I love the brightness it gave me . I was always a Primitive girl but as Im getting older I find it is too dark for me. I still love it, just not for me. In my older age I want pretty, pastel colors around me. I cant believe this is coming out of my mouth. A few years ago I never would have uttered those words. Boy how we change!