Just a Little Bump in the Road........

Just a Little Bump in the Road........
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love Summer

I remember as a child always saying to my mom, I wish you and dad would have settled someplace where the weather was warm all the time! California, Florida? Now, I am so happy that it didn't happen!! I cherish the memories of my summers growing up in the mid west. I couldn't wait for summer, still can't! Living at the swimming pool. I would lay in bed at night hoping a breath of fresh air would come through my window. I could hear the crickets and cicadas chirping out side. Oh the sounds of summer. We went out in the morning and stayed out all day. We made forts and go carts. We scavenged for wood and old wheels and pounded to our hearts content. When they were finished we would race the go carts down the hill by our house to see who made the fastest one. What fun we had.
Soon Summer will be over, even though it seems it just begun. The only sounds I will hear is the chirping in my head from Tinnitus! Then I will wait till the next summer...God willing I'll still be around to enjoy another one. LOL

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