Just a Little Bump in the Road........

Just a Little Bump in the Road........
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Parties....Arent They Grand!!

Today we went to our 4th of July party. Our in-laws have it down at their cottage on the river every year. What fun!! OMG we ate so much ....we rode on the pontoon and spent such a great day with family and friends. The guy on the left is my grandson Korey.....the one in the middle is Frankie, my son, and my son Jimmy in the americana swim trunks. The little blonde you see in my pics is my granddaughter who belongs to him.
Here Also is Paris my granddaughter having a ball in the water.
My daughter in law is driving the pontoon boat with Gianna my other granddaughter next to her. It was so much fun!
Here also is my dh and myself. We also have another son, Kris, who was playing bags when the pic was taken, and a daughter, Rosie who lives in Arizona. She is Korey and Paris's mom.

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  1. Oh my what a good time you all had!!!
    Beautiful family!!!!
    Safe travels,